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Palmqvist, B., Kadić, A., Hägglund, K., Petersson, A. & Lidén, G. (2016). Scale-up of high-solid enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-pretreated softwood: the effects of reactor flow conditions. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 6(2), 173-180
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2016 (English)In: Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, ISSN 2190-6815, E-ISSN 2190-6823, Vol. 6, no 2, p. 173-180Article in journal (Refereed) Published
Abstract [en]

The importance of flow conditions during scale-up of high-solid enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-pretreated spruce was demonstrated by comparing hydrolysis rates between laboratory (2 L) and demonstration (4 m3) scale. A positive effect of increased agitation speed on the rate of enzymatic hydrolysis was found regardless of scale. Importantly, the hydrolysis rate was higher at the larger scale when compared at similar specific power inputs. Changes in the rheological properties of the pretreated material during the hydrolysis were followed by off-line measurements of apparent viscosity. This information was used to estimate the flow conditions in the reactors, i.e., average Reynolds numbers, which together with measured mixing power consumptions enabled a more detailed comparison between the scales. The hydrolysis yields correlated better with average Reynolds numbers than specific power input over the different scales. This indicates that mass transport limitations, caused by insufficient bulk flow, likely play a decisive role in determining the rate of enzymatic hydrolysis.

Enzymatic hydrolysis, Mixing, Power input, Rheology, Scale-up, Spruce, Hydrolysis, Reynolds number, Mass transport limitation, Reactor flow conditions, Rheological property, Specific power inputs, Steam pretreated spruce
National Category
Natural Sciences
urn:nbn:se:ri:diva-27647 (URN)10.1007/s13399-015-0177-3 (DOI)2-s2.0-84978024424 (Scopus ID)

References: Balan, V., Chiaramonti, D., Kumar, S., Review of US and EU initiatives toward development, demonstration, and commercialization of lignocellulosic biofuels (2013) Biofuels Bioprod Biorefin, 7, pp. 732-759; Janssen, R., Turhollow, A.F., Rutz, D., Mergner, R., Production facilities for second-generation biofuels in the USA and the EU—current status and future perspectives (2013) Biofuels Bioprod Biorefin, 7, pp. 647-665; Galbe, M., Sassner, P., Wingren, A., Zacchi, G., Process engineering economics of bioethanol production (2007) Biofuels, pp. 303-327. , Olsson L, (ed), Springer, Berlin; Humbird, D., Mohagheghi, A., Dowe, N., Schell, D.J., Economic impact of total solids loading on enzymatic hydrolysis of dilute acid pretreated corn stover (2010) Biotechnol Prog, 26, pp. 1245-1251; Macrelli, S., Mogensen, J., Zacchi, G., Techno-economic evaluation of 2nd generation bioethanol production from sugar cane bagasse and leaves integrated with the sugar-based ethanol process (2012) Biotechnol Biofuels, 5, p. 22; Wingren, A., Galbe, M., Zacchi, G., Techno-economic evaluation of producing ethanol from softwood: comparison of SSF and SHF and identification of bottlenecks (2003) Biotechnol Prog, 19, pp. 1109-1117; Knutsen, J.S., Liberatore, M.W., Rheology of high-solids biomass slurries for biorefinery applications (2009) J Rheol, 53, pp. 877-892; Pimenova, N.V., Hanley, T.R., Effect of corn stover concentration on rheological characteristics (2004) Appl Biochem Biotechnol, 114, pp. 347-360; Viamajala, S., McMillan, J.D., Schell, D.J., Elander, R.T., Rheology of corn stover slurries at high solids concentrations—effects of saccharification and particle size (2009) Bioresour Technol, 100, pp. 925-934; Wiman, M., Palmqvist, B., Tornberg, E., Lidén, G., Rheological characterization of dilute acid pretreated softwood (2011) Biotechnol Bioeng, 108, pp. 1031-1041; Roche, C.M., Dibble, C.J., Knutsen, J.S., Stickel, J.J., Liberatore, M.W., Particle concentration and yield stress of biomass slurries during enzymatic hydrolysis at high-solids loadings (2009) Biotechnol Bioeng, 104, pp. 290-300; Viamajala, S., Donohoe, B.S., Decker, S.R., Vinzant, T.B., Selig, M.J., Himmel, M.E., Tucker, M.P., Heat and mass transport in processing of lignocellulosic biomass for fuels and chemicals (2010) Sustainable biotechnology, pp. 1-18. , Singh OV, Harvey SP, (eds), Springer, Dordrecht; Dasari, R.K., Dunaway, K., Berson, R.E., A scraped surface bioreactor for enzymatic saccharification of pretreated corn stover slurries (2009) Energy Fuels, 23, pp. 492-497; Palmqvist, B., Wiman, M., Lidén, G., Effect of mixing on enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-pretreated spruce: a quantitative analysis of conversion and power consumption (2011) Biotechnol Biofuels, 4, p. 10; Roche, C.M., Dibble, C.J., Stickel, J.J., Laboratory-scale method for enzymatic saccharification of lignocellulosic biomass at high-solids loadings (2009) Biotechnol Biofuels, 2, p. 28; Tengborg, C., Galbe, M., Zacchi, G., Influence of enzyme loading and physical parameters on the enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-pretreated softwood (2001) Biotechnol Prog, 17, pp. 110-117; Zhang, J., Chu, D., Huang, J., Yu, Z., Dai, G., Bao, J., Simultaneous saccharification and ethanol fermentation at high corn stover solids loading in a helical stirring bioreactor (2010) Biotechnol Bioeng, 105, pp. 718-728; Palmqvist, B., Lidén, G., Torque measurements reveal large process differences between materials during high solid enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated lignocellulose (2012) Biotechnol Biofuels, 5, p. 57; Kadić, A., Palmqvist, B., Lidén, G., Effects of agitation on particle-size distribution and enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated spruce and giant reed (2014) Biotechnol Biofuels, 7, p. 77; Sluiter, A., Hames, B., Ruiz, R., Scarlata, C., Sluiter, J., Templeton, D., Crocker, D., Determination of structural carbohydrates and lignin in biomass. 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Available from: 2016-12-22 Created: 2016-12-21 Last updated: 2019-06-18Bibliographically approved
Petersson, A., Wännström, S. & Zacchi, G. (2015). Syntes och verifiering av samlade erfarenheter och resultat från lignocellulosaetanolforskning (ed.). Paper presented at .
Open this publication in new window or tab >>Syntes och verifiering av samlade erfarenheter och resultat från lignocellulosaetanolforskning
2015 (Swedish)Report (Refereed)
SP Rapport, ISSN 0284-5172 ; 2015:71
National Category
Natural Sciences
urn:nbn:se:ri:diva-5290 (URN)29389 (Local ID)29389 (Archive number)29389 (OAI)
Available from: 2016-09-07 Created: 2016-09-07 Last updated: 2018-08-14Bibliographically approved
Holmgren, M. A., Hellström, H., Petersson, A. & Blom, A. (2012). The Swedish voluntary agreement for control of methane emissions from biogas plants (ed.). In: : . Paper presented at ORBIT2012 - Global assessment for organic resources and waste management, Conference Proceedings.
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2012 (English)Conference paper, Published paper (Other academic)
National Category
Natural Sciences
urn:nbn:se:ri:diva-12144 (URN)13840 (Local ID)13840 (Archive number)13840 (OAI)
ORBIT2012 - Global assessment for organic resources and waste management, Conference Proceedings
Available from: 2016-09-13 Created: 2016-09-13 Last updated: 2018-08-16Bibliographically approved
Petersson, A. (2012). The Swedish voluntary system for methane emissions (ed.). Paper presented at .
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2012 (English)Report (Refereed)
Abstract [en]

BIOGAS SUSTAINABILITY Information from IEA BIOENERGY TASK 37 Energy from Biogas

IEA Biowenergy Task 37
National Category
Natural Sciences
urn:nbn:se:ri:diva-5549 (URN)14885 (Local ID)14885 (Archive number)14885 (OAI)
Available from: 2016-09-08 Created: 2016-09-08 Last updated: 2018-08-14Bibliographically approved

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